Baseload Power

Baseload Power Taiwan dedicates to develop geothermal energy in Taiwan

Baseload Power Taiwan is a Swedish geothermal power plant developer and a subsidiary of Baseload Capital, a specialized investment entity that funds the deployment of heat power worldwide, including in Iceland, Japan, New Zealand, and the U.S..

We work closely with local communities and partners to identify hot water sources, lease or purchase the lands, obtain permits, then build and commission geothermal power plants. With our technology partner and its innovative modules, we can deploy low-temperature, distributed geothermal heat power plants at a fast pace.

Geothermal power is a baseload electricity and an affordable form of renewable energy. We aim to accelerate the government’s goal to install 200MW of geothermal power by 2025, and set the country on the path to quickly transition away from fossil fuels and toward energy independence. The result will lead to more resilient societies and a planet in balance